Noesis – Where Thessaloniki meets science and science meets fun!

Noesis – Where Thessaloniki meets science and science meets fun!

Thinking of visiting Thessaloniki with kids? Here are only some of the reasons why Noesis should be on your must- visit list!


You can watch an astronomy show at the Planetarium, a large format film or 3D movie in the Cosmotheater or do a ride show at the motion Simulator, all of them at the same place. Have you ever been underwater, through lava and in a whirlpool following a volcanic eruption? We bet not!



From the ancient Greek Technology exhibition to Classic Cars exhibition to Technopark, your journey to technology has just began.



A fun adventure to begin with and definitely a hands-on area for all! At Technopark you can take part in an interactive journey of the world of Physics and make everyday life experiments and examples from electricity to magnetism, mechanics, optics etc.



Samples of technological innovations and works of Ancient Greek inventors, reconstructions based on written evidence of the everyday life, constructions, naval engineering, measurements etc. are only a few of the things that you ‘ll have the chance to experience at Noesis Museum.



Meet special exhibits to compare the trends of the past with current or future designs and get to know cars classified as “milestones” of automotive technology.

P.S. No need to have a license to enter the exhibition!



Summer programs, science shows, children’s parties, for groups and individual visitors are also available.

At Noesis you can also finds:

  • A 200-seat Amphitheater, equipped with up-to-date audiovisual and translation systems
  • Temporary Exhibition Hall, a place suitable to host exhibitions from other museums and cultural organizations from Greece and abroad
  • Library, with relevant books, DVDs and computer working stations (1Gb internet)
  • Digital Lab, a place where multimedia productions and 3D animations can be created in-house (about to be completed)
  • Café and Restaurant

Tip: All exhibitions and shows available in English language with audio guide, phone application or headphones, so don’t forget to ask for availability at the reception!

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