2020, Thank you, Next !

2020, Thank you, Next  !

When everything will get back to normal, Thessaloniki will be first on your travel bucket list!

Because Thessaloniki is its people!

People with a bright smile…always optimistic…fighters!

People that never give up!

People that you ‘d love to meet!

Thessaloniki Tourism Organization presents “Next Christmas”, a production aiming to promote the message of optimism of the city, setting the tone of Thessaloniki and highlighting its strongest advantage:


“Next Christmas”, the festive production of Thessaloniki Tourism Organization, is a cover of the classic success of Wham "Last Christmas" and it’s the greeting message that Thessaloniki sends to the whole world:

This year we all stay home so that next year we can all celebrate together!

The production took place during the restrictive measures, with all the necessary permits, observing distance and taking due precautions.

Special thanks to Mediterranean Palace Hotel for the hospitality.

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