Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki: Where objects make history

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki: Where objects make history

See and listen to how an object can “make” history in one of the largest museums in Greece and the central museum of Νorthern Greece. 

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki since its founding in 1962 operates as the metropolitan museum of Macedonia. Today the museum is a place of cultural reference and inspiration.

Even if you only have one hour available, don’t miss the chance to explore its permanent collections and immerse yourself in the world of Ancient Greece.

50,000 antiquities of various types, materials and functions, from the prehistoric to Roman times, from the wider area of Thessaloniki as well as from sites in Central Macedonia, shed light on various aspects of life in antiquity and invite you to immerse yourself in the stories that they have to tell.

Find out how ancient Macedonians lived their everyday life, what they ate, how they were dressed, how they used to travel. Discover the God’s they worshipped and how they were organized socially and politically. Take a glance at how they communicated with each other by exchanging ideas and objects. Explore the largest collection of gold wreaths in the world and the largest relief metal vessel of Classical antiquity, the famous Derveni Krater. Learn about the Derveni Papyrus, the oldest “book” in Europe (340–320 BC).

Last but not least, discover the open-air exhibitions in a beautiful public space and the permanent exhibition “Macedonia from Fragments to Pixels” with original interactive system based on ambient intelligence, which will give you the opportunity to approach antiquity in an innovative way, and also to explore digital reconstructions of ancient artefacts and travel in time and space.

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